11 February 2009

What's Going on Everyone!

just wanted to say hello and tell you things are going great! I had a "Mommy Day" on Monday. Abigail was in daycare for the day & Lorelei in school so i went and got my nails done, eyebrows waxed and a pedicure! MMmmmmm.....nice relaxing day. Then Tuesday I went hog wild. I went back to the gym! My goal was 1.5 miles.....i did 2.33 in only 40 mins. I can only walk for now....in another couple weeks i can start doing my arms and abs and such. I will tell you i can feel it in my hips today! But no pain, no gain...right! Don't worry i didn't overdo it! I'd go back to the gym this morning but i gotta go pick up the GS Cookies for my troop as well as paint my daughter's room! She wants it purple....but it's a light purple so it doesn't look like a dungeon! I also spent 3 hours yesterday with a friend putting together her new bed/dresser combo. It's a platorm bed with 3 drawers underneath it. Prolly the most complicated thing I've ever put togehter! The weather has been nice and a factor in me doing things! I opened all my windows yesterday, cleaned the house and then put the bed together. It felt good to be able to do things!

Today was COOKIE PICKUP DAY!! Yes, the GS Cookies have arrived!! I spent half the afternoon loading them in my cookie mom's van, sorting them in my driveway for my 5 girls and upcoming booths and then reloading her van with her's and another girls and moving mine and the other 2 girls cookies into my house. 84 cases containing 12 boxes each! Payday isn't until Friday so i gotta hold them until Monday b4 i can start delivering them. (We're all military)

So overall I'm feeling great! I've lost almost 20lbs so far! So happy! I have minor pain at the site of my incisions but tha'ts b/c the scabs came off and they're healing. They also ITCH and I can't scratch!!

Thank you all for all your well wishes and support! Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoying my freebies! Don't forget I got kits on sale in the stores to the left. I usually have decent prices and am up for suggestions for new kits!

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amsangel said...

Just stopping by to see how you're doing and snag the Valetine's kit days that I missed (DH is kind of a puter scrooge...) - so glad to hear you are doing so well!! Continue to take care of you and keep us posted. Wish I could remember who I bought GS cookies from, I'm getting really hungry!