29 December 2007

Hi! Wow....what a month

So this month has been MAD crazy...I BARELY got anything done for the MooTwo CT. I'm gonna do my best to get some of my stuff up here as freebies...i'm just starting off so it's not THAT good but I hope you'll enjoy it!

26 November 2007

Moo Two Creative Team!

I've just been accepted to be a part of Moo Two Designs Creative Team! Be sure to check them out and to check back here to see the creations I have come up with for them! I hope to eventually be a part of their Design Team but I still have alot to learn first.


Well, let me start off by saying Thank You for checking out my blog. I am an avid scrapbooker. I feel it's important to preserve my family's memories. People tell me stories of things I did and how I was when I was younger and I simply don't remember...then I see a picture and I get a little flash of a memory. With scrapbooks I not only have pictures but I can journal things that were said or felt. Within the last couple years I have been checking out digital scrapbooking. Since before I was a scrapper I always loved to design things even if for no other purpose than my own satisfaction. I have been working with various paint programs since I was 14. While I'm not an expert, I know my way around. I hope to only become better. This will be my landing zone for my digital creations. Keep checking back as I will try to offer freebies at least once a month!