26 November 2007


Well, let me start off by saying Thank You for checking out my blog. I am an avid scrapbooker. I feel it's important to preserve my family's memories. People tell me stories of things I did and how I was when I was younger and I simply don't remember...then I see a picture and I get a little flash of a memory. With scrapbooks I not only have pictures but I can journal things that were said or felt. Within the last couple years I have been checking out digital scrapbooking. Since before I was a scrapper I always loved to design things even if for no other purpose than my own satisfaction. I have been working with various paint programs since I was 14. While I'm not an expert, I know my way around. I hope to only become better. This will be my landing zone for my digital creations. Keep checking back as I will try to offer freebies at least once a month!

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