30 January 2009

Hi Everyone!

So my surgery went well.....this is what I had done:

I was up and walking that evening as directed by the doctor. The first walk I walked 3 laps around the step down unit. The second time I walked 6. Then I went to bed at 10p. I got up at 6am and walked 10 laps then did another 15 just before the surgeon came to see me. He said I was doing so good that he would sign my discharge papers. I was ready to leave the hospital less than 24 hours post-op. I've gotten back into my normal routine per doctor's instructions and have my 1 week check up next Wednesday. I'm feeling better than I expected overall. A little achy and sore from the surgery itself but my energy is good so far. I've also had a tremendous help from my oldest daughter's godfather. He arrived Sunday and has helped out greatly.

I have spoken to my husband twice on the phone and 3 times online since he deployed on the 23rd. He still has no idea where he's going to end up being, so I won't be able to send him a Valentine's Care Package. It'll be ok though.

Starting Sunday I have TWO things happening on my blog....

First off is ADS Chocolate Cherry Blog Train and SECOND is my very own 14 DAYS OF LOVE Presonal Use Freebies! I know I've been slacking on my blog lately but hopefully this will make up for it!

Well, that is all for now...Have a great day everyone!

27 January 2009

hey everyone

there are some comments i need to catch up on and will try to get back to you guys ASAP.

I'm having surgery tomorrow and won't be around for a few day. will post a WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON blog when i return. I have ADS's CHOCOLATE CHERRY BLOG TRAIN scheduled to post at midnight on Feb 1st...so don't forget to come by and check that out!

Thanks a Bunch!


19 January 2009

REVIEW: Mega Doodle Inspired - Fleeting Hearts


This is a lovely kit with some pretty awesome little elements and a good amount of papers. There is an ADORABLE saftey pin with tassels element that is one of the most unique things I have ever seen and couldn't wait to use it on a layout! There is also an adorable tree element and overall the elements are great! There are some really pretty papers but also a few i could do without. Overall, I loved working with this kit and here are my LOs I made.

If you would like to purchase this kit hop on over to Mega Doodle Inspired and check it out!

My Layouts

12 January 2009


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10 January 2009

Hi Guys!

It's been a minute since i posted a personal blog.....the holidays were a mad rush! Most of you know I'm an Army Wife and these last few weeks have been spent with hubby and family since he will be deploying soon! REALLY soon! Most likely before the month is out!

On top of that I am having my MUCH LONG AWAITED AND ANTICIPATED SURGERY on Jan 20th. After a year in a normally 6 month program here at the Army Hospital, I have been cleared to have gastric bypass. I know many of you have only seen my headshot and prolly think I'm not big enough for it. Truth be told I qualify on the BMI factor by about 5% and I have two, what they call co-morbidities....things that can shorten my lifespan that are associated with being overweight. One, which I will be EXTREMELY happy to get rid of is my sleep apnea. HAving to wear a full face (nose and mouth) mask to bed everynight to make sure I don't stop breathing is NOT fun! It's very quiet but i can't even stand to sleep with my hair down let alone this contraption attached to my head. I am more exited than nervous since I have been waiting so long! I understand why they kept making me do other things and wait. The Army doesn't want to pay all this money for people to have such a life changing surgery if they're not really aware of everything pertaining to the surgery and life thereafter. Jan 20th can't get here soon enough!

I AM working on a February Daily Download kit just like my December one. I will also be abart of Aspiring Digital Designers "Chocolate Cherry Blog Train" in February. Coming up in March The same people who created the HollyJollyExpress have created a Birthday Train with a BEAUTIFUL color scheme! I will be participating in that as well! So lots of freebies coming up next month!! Hope you're ready for them!

I also hope that if you DO enjoy my DLs that you stop by my stores and maybe pick up an item or two! I am working on a few new kits and I am open to suggestions. I am trying to figure out how to come up with some military items without them being too cheesy...

Well, that is all for now! Have a Great Day/Night!

02 January 2009


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