30 January 2009

Hi Everyone!

So my surgery went well.....this is what I had done:

I was up and walking that evening as directed by the doctor. The first walk I walked 3 laps around the step down unit. The second time I walked 6. Then I went to bed at 10p. I got up at 6am and walked 10 laps then did another 15 just before the surgeon came to see me. He said I was doing so good that he would sign my discharge papers. I was ready to leave the hospital less than 24 hours post-op. I've gotten back into my normal routine per doctor's instructions and have my 1 week check up next Wednesday. I'm feeling better than I expected overall. A little achy and sore from the surgery itself but my energy is good so far. I've also had a tremendous help from my oldest daughter's godfather. He arrived Sunday and has helped out greatly.

I have spoken to my husband twice on the phone and 3 times online since he deployed on the 23rd. He still has no idea where he's going to end up being, so I won't be able to send him a Valentine's Care Package. It'll be ok though.

Starting Sunday I have TWO things happening on my blog....

First off is ADS Chocolate Cherry Blog Train and SECOND is my very own 14 DAYS OF LOVE Presonal Use Freebies! I know I've been slacking on my blog lately but hopefully this will make up for it!

Well, that is all for now...Have a great day everyone!

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llp said...

I hope you are doing well after your surgery in January. What a wonderful thing to do for yourself and your family. I've heard there are hard times to go through but that it is very worth it! Blessings to you from Missouri.